Some of my Favorite Tools 

Acrylic Cupcake Display

This is such a cost effective way of displaying your treats! Its easy to assemble, clean and to store for your next event!

The perfect Gold Cupcake Wrapper

I love these cupcake liners.. You can bake directly in them and add the most perfect touch of glam to any party


I made Gelatin bubbles for the first time using this Isomalt product.. It was so easy to work with! 

The best cake boards

I always buy my cake boards in bulk through Amazon using this brand.. 

Wilton Brand Fondant

I use Wilton fondant! I know big surprise but It works for me and its a good price!

Square Silicone Mold!

Amazing tool to make perfect Rice Krispy Treats!

Silikomart Silicone Popsicle Mold

I just love this silicone mold.. Its really the only way I'll make cake pops.. Here's the link to purchase from Amazon

Platform Chocolate Mold

I love this product! Instantly make a chocolate shoe and add whatever embellishments you want for some extra bling!! 

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